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 Publish date: 07 December 2017


Every day we all hear we need to consume food for the vitamins our body needs. Without them, our skin loses elasticity, our bones weaken, our immunity is lowered, our organs and systems do not function at their full capacity, we get more tired and we can't concentrate well.


How can we avoid these negative effects on our health?


We can choose the YOU+ Vitamins salad. Especially during the cold season, when temperatures are lower, our immunity must be sustained with a vitamin intake, and the fatigue we fell during this period may be due to a lower intake of vitamin rich food.


The YOU+ Vitamins salad comes to treat this problem, with a significant contribution of vitamins, found in its ingredients: lettuce, halloumi, broccoli, apple, cranberries, tangerines, mozzarella pearls and avocado.




(%) of recommended daily intake for adults

Vitamin A



Vitamin B2

0.2 mg


Vitamin B9

50.4 mcg


Vitamin B12

1 mcg


Vitamin C



Vitamin E



Vitamin K



*Amount of vitamins found in a YOU+ Vitamins salad.


And still, what are vitamins, these "building blocks" which sustain our body?


A vitamin is an organic compound and essential nutrient which our body needs in various amounts in order to function properly. These cannot be synthetized by the body, so they must be taken from the food we eat. In total, there are 13 vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E and K.


Vitamins have various biological functions. Some, like vitamin D, are helping in the metabolism of minerals (getting along well with calcium, helping with intestinal calcium absorption), others help in tissue generation (vitamin A), while some even have anti-oxidant properties (fight against free radicals - oxidative stress), such as vitamin E, or vitamin C.


The deficit of one or more vitamins is not something to be neglected. For example, the deficit of vitamin D causes bone demineralization and hurries up the appearance of osteoporosis. Lack of vitamin A causes sight problems and the lack of B group vitamins may have adverse effects on the nervous system.


Is there any food which contains all these vitamins?  Certainly not. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for food diversity and always choose a varied diet to ensure optimum amounts of vitamins.


At the end of a cold day, draw the line and check the vitamin intake. Are they all covered?



Health comes first!





Iulia Hădărean,

Nutritionist - Dietician