Steps towards a

healthy lifestyle

 Publish date: 11 January 2017


Nutrition and medicine nowadays are experiencing a dramatic spread of metabolic diseases: obesity, diabetes, hepatic steatosis, dyslipidemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypertension and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.


Science has concluded that genetics cannot explain this explosion of metabolic spectrum disorders. However the "Western" modern lifestyle that brought great technologic progress also came with several "fast" life drawback. We serve improvised meals on the run, we are severely stressed, we sleep badly and we are seating too much down or in front of the computer screens.


A healthy lifestyle means keeping fit. From walking outdoors to the so diffused forms of organized movement, the physical activity regulates numerous biological circuits. Along with that, a healthy diet provides the fuel and raw material from which our cells are built. We are what we eat. Fatigue, insomnia, focusing problems at work, digestive disorders, headache and especially our mental state are all rooted in the way we eat. There is no need for an army of specialists to advise us on having breakfast or having regular and diverse meals and avoid even the small bites or juices that we believe them to be bad or unnecessary.


A healthy lifestyle lived to the end means even more: not smoking, a moderate consumption of alcohol, more than a good sleep and stress management. Every step taken in this direction will lead us to a better shape, more energy for the challenges of our fast-paced lives and certainly to a pleasant and healthy life.


Author: Dr. Adrian Copcea, specialist nutritionist