Mobile Application
For an even faster access to Salad Box products, download our new mobile app now. This makes it easier for you to choose your favorite product from the menu, avoid the queue in the restaurant and the possibility to order ahead for later pickup. You will be able to discover benefits such as exclusive prices, discounts or even free meals through the personalized vouchers in the application.
Exactly what you want,
at your immediate reach!
All simple, directly from your phone. 
Aplicatia mobila Salad Box - beneficii
the Salad Box app
Aplicatia mobila Salad Box - beneficii
Aplicatia mobila Salad Box - beneficii
The new application can be used from any phone with a system of operating Android at least version 5.0 and iOS at least version 10.0. 
The Salad Box app gives you quick and secure access to the Salad Box restaurant's daily offers. Take advantage of personalized vouchers in the app, choose the salads you want to eat, collect your purchased points and much more. 
Download your new app for free from the App Store or Google Play. This can be found in the Food & Drinks section.
Download the Salad Box app from  Google Play
Download the Salad Box app from the App store
Our new app is here to let you access Salad Box offers quickly and easily.   You can customize your selections so that everything you see is specific to your needs. 
How do the vouchers
work in the application: 
To view the vouchers in the app 
Create your personal account using your email address. 
Activate the account. 
Close and reopen the application. 
To use vouchers in the app 
Click on See All from the Homepage, or on Vouchers from the Main Menu.
Choose the voucher and click on Activate.
Click on   Activate the offer.
Show the QR code of the cashier at the location. 
What are the benefits of the Salad Box app 
Using your account in our application you have access to: 
Easy view of the Salad Box menu
Information about new Salad Box offers and competitions
In-app order and later pickup (in progress) 
Points earned for each order 
Personalized vouchers (in progress) 
Order History (in progress) 
Special offers for app users only 
Easy connection with the Salad Box community 
You can quickly find out the schedule of Salad Box locations 
Download our app now and let us reward your loyalty to Salad Box with offers only available here. 
Download the Salad Box app from  Google Play Download the Salad Box app from the App store