Salad Box and the Children Hope Program

A Successful Partnership Promoting the Health and Education of Underprivileged Children

 Publish date: 09 January 2017


ImageNamed “Hope”, the creative art program for children is dedicating time and energy for the benefit of the children who are in foster care. The actions achieved together with Salad Box are meant to give them hope, to promote a healthier lifestyle and to change their lives for the better.

This successful partnership is an example for many companies through its simplicity and showcases that small things can have a great impact in children’s lives.



ImageSalad Box has given us the necessary support with the volunteer actions, being involved in several projects. The first one was Swimathon 2015, where Salad Box offered salads and fresh drinks to the “Swim 4 Hope team” (a team of 15 children from Cluj who swam 205 meters in the swimming pool in order to raise money for the children at the center).





ImageFollowing the successful collaboration the Hope Program had the honor of being invited at the inauguration of the new Salad Box location in Iulius Mall, Cluj-Napoca.

The Campaign ”1 meal = 1 donation” from the inauguration was designed to involve the people from Cluj in the actions of the program, Salad Box donating 10% of the total proceeds of the day.





ImageThe campaign was a great success, the volunteers bought with the money collected a bicycle and board games for the children at the center.







We thank the Salad Box team, all friends and all the rest for supporting the education of the children at the center.


Author: Vlad Pop, Manager Creating art program for children ”HOPE”