Over 2000 People

Refreshed Their Summer With Salad Box!

 Publish date: 09 January 2017


Over 2000 people refreshed their summer with the fresh drinks and lemonades brought by Salad Box at the “Press Refresh” competition.


The competition launched at the beginning of summer had only winners. The fulfillment of being able to give our customers that “Refresh” they needed makes Salad Box the happiest winner of all.


We truly hope that our 1200 prizes, consisting of cooling bags, volleyballs and swimming rings made our customers’ summer greater, funnier and way cooler.


For some the refresh will last more than one summer! Laura Emilia Oprea (Cluj) is the lucky winner of the special prize, a trip with the greatest destination: “anywhere in the world”. She told us she will give her Christmas holiday a needed “Refresh”, going on a special trip.


We also hope that  Aida Grigore (Cluj) is as fresh as when she entered our competition. She is the lucky winner of the second prize – the juice extractor and the electric scale.


At the same time, Gheorghe Ciuca (Cluj), winner of the third prize, will “Refresh” his kitchen appliances with a new blender and toaster. Joyfully, since his toaster had just broken.


Lastly, we wish Larisa Manuela Ambrosie (Iasi) good luck with her cooking and a healthy appetite!  Certainly the food processor and electric grill – the first prize of the Press Refresh competition – will give her joy and flavor for a long time from now on.


Thank you for participating and for joining us!