Eat smart!

 Publish date: 27 August 2018


We care about your wellbeing! We want you to feel healthy and confortable wearing your body. It is known that great health begins with balanced nutrition. Good news is you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat smart. We are sure it’s not always easy to nourish your body with essential nutrients, giving our busy schedules, which is why we developed a new product to help you through: Nutrimix.  

So what exactly is Nutrimix? It is a power-packed nourish bowl, a concept that is highly appreciated worldwide. It is based on two main principles: balance and contrast.   

Balance. You can go crazy when choosing ingredients for your favorite Nutrimix. Don’t worry, we got it all planned out. While mixing a whole rainbow of ingredients and seasoning it in any number of ways, the basic formula always remains the same. These way we make sure to power-pack every Nutrimix with all the nutrients needed to fill you up, ignite your energy and spark your soul. The best bowls balance a combination of whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and fresh vegetables or fruit. Carbs, proteins, vitamins and good fats… Nutimix hits them all and brings out a healthy dish option for any meal of the day.  

Contrast. It is all about the delicious mix-ins and bold combinations. The whole idea is to bring together all the things that make you feel extremely good, and combine them into one tasty creation. Nutrimix juggles with colors, textures, shapes and cooking methods that were never brought together before. It contains ingredients that are boiled (rice, quinoa), as well as grilled (halloumi, chicken, beef, sweet potato ) or served raw. On the same plate you will find hot and cold, creamy and crispy, all sorts of shapes, any type of flavor… everything and anything that will elevate your health and will live you filling all sorts of awesome.  

Nutrimix is as good to look as it is to eat. We are waiting for you in any of our restaurants to come and enjoy its beautiful balance and delicious taste.