Hummus Bowls at Salad Box

 Publish date: 19 December 2022


Our autumn is strong... and so are our people. You are the ones who have understood that no amount of exercise or good habits cancel out unhealthy eating. You already know that of all the macro-nutrients, by far the most challenging and important is to ensure the necessary PROTEIN intake.

But what does "necessary intake" mean? For a person who weighs 50 kg, it is recommended to eat at least 80 grams of protein per day. A person weighing 80 kg needs at least 130 g of protein/day.

Most of us don't even have 50 grams in our daily menu.


If you want to calculate your protein needs, use the formula 1.6/2.2 x how many kilograms you weigh. (1.6 - if you just want to maintain your current muscle mass, 2.2 if you want to increase)

You are close? If not, here are some simple ways to increase your daily protein intake:

  1. Prep protein ahead. Make sure you always have cooked chicken breast (or another source of protein) in the fridge. Be one step ahead of hunger!
  2. Plus, from breakfast. Choose to eat omelet, tuna, a wrap with chicken or other options 💪 to start the day with a + protein.
  3. Increase the portion of meat, falafel, chickpeas or any other proteins you opt for.
  4. Keep protein snacks close. Skyr, protein pudding, cottage cheese, protein bars
  5. When choosing your protein source, opt for low-fat versions (these are denser in protein). Chicken pipet, tuna, cottage cheese, egg white.

It's simple, but not necessarily easy. If you need a protein boost, you can always order a Hummus Bowl!!! It's a product that we thought up especially for those who want to increase their protein intake. We let the numbers speak for us:


Falafel Hummus Bowl - 49 grams of protein

Chicken Hummus Bowl - 32 grams of protein

Halloumi Hummus Bowl- 49 grams of protein


We are waiting for you at the location or on the delivery platform to try Hummus Bowls and let's agree again on the fact that healthy food can also be very delicious.

Stay strong 💪