Find out which of the YOU + salads suits you best!

 Publish date: 20 November 2017


The You + salads range has been thoughtfully designed to meet today's nutritional needs and bring extra benefits.

In a constantly moving world, the lack of time became a real challenge. This reflects in the daily diet, so that at the end of the day, we find that we have been feeding ourselves poorly from a qualitative perspective. YOU + salads were designed to meet these problems, let's find out which one suits you best!


YOU + Vitamins

The YOU+ Vitamins salad comes with an extra vitamins contribution, especially: Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9 and Vitamin C from natural ingredients such as lettuce, halloumi cheese, broccoli, apple, cranberry, mandarin, mozzarella, avocado.


Extra Tip: If you choose a fresh dressing (based on olive oil, lemon, orange and lime) you will increase the amount of vitamins from the salad, especially Vitamin C.


YOU+ Minerals

Minerals play a very important role in our diet, so their recommended amount must be covered at every meal of the day. Whether you work, go to school, practice regular physical activity or have a sedentary lifestyle, you daily needs includes: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium and many more.

The YOU+ Minerals salad meets these requirements and provides a portion of these microelements, from its valuable ingredients: lettuce, feta cheese, corn, red beans, mozzarella cheese and tuna.

By choosing this salad you can prevent the shortage of minerals in your body, the most common being the iron, calcium and magnesium deficiency. Moreover, if you are an active person, involved in many projects, you have outdoor activities, you do need some extra of these substances to cover your needs and support your performance.


Extra Tip: If you choose a dairy dressing (avocado and garlic, yoghurt and lemon, basil and lemon, mint and basil, garlic and dill, cheese and garlic, ranch, Emma or Caesar), you will add a higher quantity of calcium and magnesium.


YOU+ Fiber

Did you know that modern man's diet offers too little of the so much needed fiber? Our digestive system is dependent on the dietary fiber, which provides optimal digestion, balanced transit, and a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Fibrous foods can give you what you lack in your digestive system, especially those found in YOU+ Fiber: arugula or kale, corn, red beans, courgette and broccoli. For this salad to be balanced and to strengthen the effect of fibers for a longer satiety, we also added proteins (feta cheese and chicken). In total, a single salad can give you more than 25% of your daily fiber requirement. It's a balanced amount for a single meal. Too much fiber in one meal can create uneasiness. It's up to you to balance the rest of your home meals in terms of fiber intake.


Extra tip: You can add a small amount of fiber to the YOU+ Fiber salad if you choose a dressing containing dried aromatic plants (Emma, ranch, garlic and dill, mint and basil, basil and lemon, avocado and garlic, mint and lemon or Italian).


YOU + Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a complex of nutrients that are designed to counteract the toxic effects of free radicals. Are you thinking if you are being exposed yourself to these free radicals? Surely, no one can escapes, they are part of our everyday life, especially if you work in a polluted environment, you are exposed to various emissions, radiation, sunlight, if you are a smoker, you drink alcohol or the stress is "your  day to day colleague".

 Our body is fighting daily against free radicals, but as we get older, our cells get damaged. Thus, we need a diet that will provide us with these antioxidants and we can keep our health.

Ingredients in YOU + Antioxidant Salad are already doing this, and the winners are: lettuce, red pepper, carrots, tomatoes and corn. Are you curious which exact antioxidants they provide? This is the list of antioxidants from the You+ Antioxidants salad: vitamin C, vitamin E (vitamins have antioxidant capacity), beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, capsaicin and lycopene.


Extra Tip: If you choose a spicy dressing, you will increase the amount of antioxidants of salad, especially those from hot pepper.


YOU + Omega3

Omega3 fatty acids are less present in our diet, although their role in the body is extremely important. Our body cannot synthesize them itself, so it needs to be brought in by food consumption. Why are they so popular nowadays? Because we eat less fish (fish oil) or seeds. Without Omega 3, our cardiovascular and nervous system cannot function at an optimal standard.

So if you want to have a healthy heart, you don’t want to miss you focus on job tasks or have a better memory, Omega3 is what you definitely need.

The YOU+ Omega3 salad has the capacity to bring all this health improvements for you through its ingredients: salmon and seed mix.


Extra Tip: Do You Want More Omega3?

Choose a dressing based on olive oil. That will increase the amount of these beneficial fatty acids (egg vinaigrette, mint and lemon, spicy, Italian, fresh).


YOU+ Proteine

Dacă eşti o persoană activă, practici activitate fizică regulată (intensitate medie sau ridicată) sau îţi doreşti să scazi în greutate, salata YOU+ Proteine este pentru tine.

Având o cantitate sporită de proteine, balansată între proteinele de origine animală şi cele vegetală, poate să îţi fie de folos prin susţinerea sau creşterea în masă musculară (mecanism care ajută la creşterea metabolismului şi implicit, la arderea caloriilor).

Având cel mai mare indice de saţietate, proteinele îţi vor ţine de foame până la următoarea masă şi astfel îţi vei putea desfăşura activităţile sportive în voie. Ingredientele cu conţinut crescut de proteine din salată sunt: brânza Halloumi, baconul, năutul şi oul fiert.

Am ales proteine de origine vegetală (cele din năut) dar şi de origine animală, cu valoare biologică mare (din brânză şi bacon), precum şi campionul în ceea ce priveşte biodisponobilitatea, absorbţia şi folosirea proteinelor: oul.

Salata YOU+ Proteine furnizează aproximativ 40g proteine cu un profil bun de aminoacizi.

Extra pont: dacă consideri că proteinele din ingrediente nu sunt suficiente, creşte cantitatea proteică cu un dressing pe bază de iaurt (iaurtul are şi el proteine de origine animală, complete). Exemplu: iaurt și lămâie, mentă și busuioc, busuioc și lămâie sau avocado şi usturoi.


YOU + Protein

If you are an active person exercising regularly (medium or high intensity) or you just want to lose weight, YOU+ Protein salad is perfect for you.

Having an increased amount of protein (balanced between animal and vegetable proteins) can help you increase the muscle mass (a mechanism that helps increase metabolism and, implicitly, burn calories).

Having the highest satiety index, proteins will keep you satiated until the next meal and so you can do your sports activities at will. Ingredients with high protein content in the You+ Protein salads are: halloumi cheese, bacon, chicken and boiled egg.

We chose both vegetable proteins (chickpeas) and animal proteins of high organic value (cheese and bacon), as well as champion in terms of bioavailability, absorption and use of proteins: egg.

YOU + Protein Salad provides about 40g of protein with a good amino acid profile.

Extra Tip: If you consider that the protein in the ingredients is not enough, increase the amount of protein with a yoghurt dressing (yogurt also contains animal protein). Example: yoghurt and lemon, mint and basil, basil and lemon or avocado and garlic.


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