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It's been a long time to recover after the Spring holidays, so let's go back to a spring favorite and re-enter it in our daily meals.

Egg contains all the essential amino acids, so they are a complete protein. So we recommend again the egg. As an element in your salads it answer 3 frequently asked questions. Here's why they are awaiting you, freshly prepared in your salads, at Salad Box, eggs for extra color, taste and health.

Boiled egg - the option you need to try and why

We've talked in a previous blog about the data that sometimes passes by lust and taste, and focuses on figures. We take them into account when it comes to desserts, but sometimes even when choosing the ingredients for salads, we create at Salad Box.


Because eggs sometimes have a negative reputation when it comes to diet, let us first answer the questions for those worried about this.

Question 1: How many calories does an egg have and what is it recommended for?

How many calories have an egg:

Although the proteins are in glair, yolk is also valuable for the source of healthy fats and the beta carotene it contains.

Glair - it has no fat, and carbohydrates are just 1.1 grams. It contains about 16 kcal and 4 g of protein and is rich in vitamin B2.

Yolk - provides 155 calories per gram, derived from 12.6 g protein and 10.6 g of fat. And it is rich in vitamin B12 and Selenium.

To make a comparison, for 100 grams of product- fried egg, content is: 196 Calories, 13.6 Proteins, 15.3 Lipids, 0.9 Carbohydrates.


Question 2: What can I choose from the menu if I'm on the diet?

Caesar Salad is an option with fewer lipids, for those with a clear TO DO list. Ingredients: Cucumber, Mozzarella, Egg, Green salad, Chicken grill. With 370g mass, it contains: 42.5g Carbohydrates, 41.3g Proteins and only 26.20g Lipids.


Question 3: Why add boiled egg to my favorite salad?

We recommend to mix them: your favorite salad plus an extra ingredient- egg.

Because it fits perfectly with sweet, sour or salty, it is the ideal ingredient that brings on a significantly contribution to the health resources.

And not just that, if you give us a tag to your sunny salad with an egg’s yolk, we will post on our page the combination.


Nutritionist's advice for boiled egg:

"Egg is the best protein source of all foods (egg protein bioavailability is 100%, compared to meat that reaches 97-98%). This tells us that our body gets to use them at their maximum capacity. "- Iulia Hădărean, Nutritionist-dietician

* Dressing of the week at Salad Box *

Emma with Avocado and Oregano - Because it will perfectly complement the color palette and will complete the taste of egg salads. The fine balance between the bitter and sweet, with flavors of the Mediterranean summer garden and the fresh feeling, will be your favorite and you may have a new To Go dressing.

Combine this week’s dressing with the recommended Salads or with those you create.


@domokostimea - a trainer, dancer and nutritionist, shows us her option for a salad with extra egg only good for the #healthyfood and #afterworkout category.

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