light, tasty and wholesome

 Publish date: 27 August 2018


This year the rounds of heat grow stronger at the end of summer. As the weather heats up so does our passion for healthy food and our commitment to help you eat properly. We know time is not our friend when it comes to eating healthy, that’s why we decided to do something and cut it down from the list of excuses. Salad Box brings on the new portable, hand-held, easy and fun to eat Wraps.

We created our new product to meet your nutritional needs and be super-easy to manipulate while you drive, push the trolley, do shopping or whatever you like... you only need one hand and all of your taste buds to enjoy our delicious Wraps.

You can choose one of our tasty take-out wraps with the option of chicken or tuna. Both are loaded with delicious cheese, lettuce, corn and tomatoes. They will fill you up and keep you satisfied for your busy day. The benefits of including protein in your diet include weight maintenance, weight loss, boosting your energy levels, supporting your muscles and bones as well as supporting the absorption of important nutrients. On the other hand, the carbs in the tortilla used to prepare the Wraps, work to maintain steady blood sugar. This does not only keep you feeling satisfied for longer but also stabilizes your mood. Complex carbs release glucose slowly providing a steady source of fuel for the brain and body. The combination of protein and carbs is beneficial because eating protein with every meal can help slow the absorption of carbohydrates in your blood, prevent blood sugar crashes and increase the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which can improve your mood and energy for several hours after eating. The veggies that fill our Wraps provide significant amounts of vitamins K, A, C that boosts your energy and immune system and also improve the health of your skin, tooth and nails.

If you don't have the time or the room in your stomach for a full wrap, that’s not a problem! For each type of wrap, we have two sizes available. Stop by to try one of our snack-size Wraps(140 gr) for a quick bite or the King Wrap(250 gr) for one of the main meals of the day.

We are determined to bring you the most healthy and convenient foods. Drop in any of our stores and pick up your fresh and healthy Wraps. They are waiting for you!